Recruiting for the best

I am the Master Distributor for Alphay International, hired and in charge of opening up first the US market, Thailand, Malaysia, and then globally. Our small team is seeking entrepreneurs interested in partnering with us to head up this worldwide expansion.

Ideal qualifications

– hungry for  more in life. You do not need network marketing experience. Just a willingness to succeed.
– 3-6 hours a week to work and train from home and build quickly in the next 12 months
– people skills and communication skills
– goal driven; adept at seeing a vision and making it happen
– comfortable with high 6 and 7 figure residual income
– solid ethics, and an honest approach to business, people, and life

About Alphay

Alphay International is a billion dollar 40-year organic biotech company, completely unknown in the western world until we launched last year. They are the world’s largest organic growers and manufacturers of a medicinal mushroom called Lingzhi. Twelve years ago, Alphay branched out of manufacturing and opened their own network marketing company in China. Based on the resulting success, they decided to go global, starting here in the US. That’s where you and our team comes in.

Watch this 6-minute video. If it sparks an interest, let’s set up a 3-way video conference call with the person who referred you.

Scott Ohlgren